Meet Kathleen!

Photographing Weddings since 2013

"These pictures, and this story I am telling is something that will be talked about and passed on through generations. There is just something so romantic about that!"

Kathleen’s Personal Love Story!

My husband Greg and I met in high school art class. He was a senior, I a junior. I totally had a MAJOR crush on him! We spent our days in class together painting sculptures, drawing sketches, and engaging in deep conversations. You would often hear the teacher shout to us, “More sketching, less chatting!”. Over the course of that year we became very good friends, however once the school year was over we went our separate ways.

A few years after graduating high school our paths crossed again at a surprise party my friends threw for me.  Greg tagged along with a friend, admittedly just for a chance to see me again. That night we spent hours catching up and talking as if no time had passed. We shared our first kiss that night and have been inseparable ever since!

A few years later we were married on the beach in front of our closest family and friends. Our day was everything I have ever dreamt my wedding day to be. We lovingly said our vows with our toes in the sand, then danced the night away on a dock over the bay with the sunset as our background. We now have three beautiful children and still love each other just as fiercely as we did the day we said our vows.

Three Things I Can't Live Without Are...

My family, music (because there is nothing on life that a good dance party can’t cure!), and my camera

My Guilty Pleasure Is...

Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Seriously, I could eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner!

At a Wedding, you will most likely see me...

Looking at the back of my camera with big goofy grin, or shedding a tear over the emotion captured on my screen