Meet Caitlin!

Photographing Weddings since 2009

"I could sit here and say I love weddings because I love "LOVE". Which I do. But what I really love are the moments that make up the LOVE. The tiny moments throughout the day that make up the couple's story."

Caitlin’s Personal Love Story!

My husband and I went to grade school and middle school together. I always thought he was cute (in that dorky 5th grade, surfer cut – kind of way). We were friendly and social, but never really “hang out friends”. We went our separate ways for high school. I went to College and he went right into the working world.

After I graduated and was working at my Marketing Day job – I had headshots taken for my growing photography career. I posted one to Facebook. He commented on it, asked me to hang out – then we met for drinks! My cell phone died during our date (which I almost cancelled). My mom sent my brother to the bar we were at to make sure I hadn’t been kidnapped or killed (in good mom fashion). I was completely mortified when my brother came strolling into the bar to check up on me.

Nevertheless, this guy wanted to hang out the next night. We’ve literally been together ever since.

Three Things I Can't Live Without Are...

Flip Flops – YEAR ROUND.
Disney World – 29 Timer Here…..
My Family. My entire extended crazy, loud – Irish Family.

My Guilty Pleasure Is...

I want to say movies and TV. I love all kinds of movies – except scary ones. And I love TV series. I love time period shows – like Downtown Abbey, When Calls the Heart and The Crown. I’m such a dork – but I’m totally okay with it. But I also love medical shows and dramas. So really anything. And I love science fiction movies – like Back To the Future and Transformers. But really I’ll watch anything. But curling up on the couch catching up on TV shows or movies – thats surely a guilty pleasure.

At a Wedding, you will most likely see me...

Saying “Behind my Camera” is super typical. So you’d definitely find me LAUGHING. I’m a compulsive giggler. I seriously laugh at almost anything. Or talking to your 95 year old Grandpa – because I am a complete sucker for Grandpa’s. They have the best stories to tell. And usually the best perspective on things! Plus – how cute are Grandpas.